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A Legacy of Turkish Handmade Rugs Since 1992

Hereke Carpet Store was established in 1992 by Mr.Naci Çelebi in Istanbul, an expert in handmade rugs. Mr.Çelebi is a revered handmade rug expert,

whose profound knowledge and passion for rugs have been honed since 1965. 

Hereke Silk Rug

His vision was clear: to showcase the unrivaled beauty and quality of Turkish handmade rugs to a global audience. His expertise in the field, coupled with a genuine love for the artistry of rug-making, provided a solid foundation for the store's success.

Every rug in the store is handpicked by Mr.Çelebi, ensuring that only the finest examples of Hereke craftsmanship find their way into the collection. With an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the weaving process, he curates a diverse range of rugs, each with a unique story.

handmade rugs

The collection showcases various designs, from classic medallion motifs and floral patterns to more contemporary styles that blend tradition with modern aesthetics. Every rug boasts vibrant colors, intricate weaving, and a luxurious feel that can only be achieved through time-honored techniques.

The team is not merely rug sellers; they are passionate storytellers. They share the rich history and significance behind each rug, enlightening visitors on the symbols, motifs, and regional influences that are interwoven into the fabric of these masterpieces. 

The store remains a destination for rug aficionados, interior designers, and collectors who seek not only the finest Turkish rugs but also a connection to the cultural heritage and artistry they represent.

handmade rugs

The Hereke Carpet Store offers a wide range of carpets to suit different tastes and budgets. From smaller accent pieces to grand, room-sized carpets, there is something for everyone. Customers can also request custom-made carpets, allowing them to personalize their purchases and bring their vision to life.

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